Wilton Manors Debt Lawyers

Falling behind on payments to your mortgage, credit card bills, medical bills, or other expenses can lead to extreme amounts of debt. When you start to see your debt increasing, it can be very overwhelming and stressful, especially if you are unsure of how to move forward in order to get out of debt. However, there are options available to help you overcome your debt and become financially stable once again.

When you work with an experienced debt relief law firm, you will be guided on all of the various avenues available that could help you get out of debt in a timely manner. At Loan Lawyers, this is one of our areas of expertise. With over 100 years of combined experience in helping individuals overcome their debt, we will review your specific circumstances and advise on the best course of action for you.

Customized Debt Solutions

If you reside within Wilton Manors or any of the surrounding areas and are experiencing large amounts of debt, contact one of our qualified debt relief lawyers today. We will go through all of the options available to you to determine which solution will help you overcome your debt as quickly as possible.

Because every situation differs, there are often different possibilities to explore when determining the best way to beat your debt. Some of the areas we will look into include:

  • Filing for a chapter of bankruptcy – Even though many people think of bankruptcy in a negative light, it is often an ideal solution for those experiencing hefty amounts of debt. Our team of experts will advise on which chapter of bankruptcy is best for you, and then we will help you will the entire process for filing. We will also help you come up with a financial plan so that you do not end up in debt again.
  • Putting an end to any harassment from debt collectors and agencies – When you are struggling to repay back your debt, you will often experience a range of harassing communications from debt collectors and debt collector agencies. Whether it is phone calls, emails, or letters, our team will help put a stop to this harassment so that you can work on repaying your debt without being constantly hassled.
  • Handling all negotiations with lenders and creditors – If bankruptcy is not the right option for you at the current time, there are other avenues that we can explore which include negotiating new repayment terms with your lenders and creditors. Whether this means an extended timeline to repay your debts, lower monthly payments, mortgage workouts, or simply placing a temporary pause on payments so that you can get caught up financially, we will work on your behalf to get better payment terms that fit your overall financial picture.
  • Preventing a foreclosure on your home or property – Often, when you are unable to pay your mortgage payments, you may face the risk of foreclosure. Our team of debt relief attorneys are skilled in preventing foreclosure and repossession so that you can keep your rights to your property, while still finding the best solution in overcoming your debt.
  • Assisting in overcoming student loan debt – Student loan debt is often not forgiven or included when filing for bankruptcy. However, there are ways that our debt relief lawyers can assist in paying back your student loans. We will look into a range of alternatives so that you can pay back your student loans in a faster time period.

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