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Credit Card & Debt Defense Attorneys in South Florida

Our team at Loan Lawyers is solely committed to fighting for the rights of individuals that are struggling with large amounts of debt. We make it a top priority to research and learn how credit card companies and debt collectors handle credit card cases. At Loan Lawyers, we even have senior staff members that used to be attorneys for credit card companies so we are extremely skilled and knowledgeable in how to move forward in these types of cases.

In many cases, individuals who are struggling with large amounts of debt often feel that there is no way to overcome this and become hopeless. What they do not realize is that there are actually many different strategies and techniques in which you can overcome debt.

Our South Florida debt relief attorneys have years of experience in successfully helping our clients beat their credit card lawsuits. Not only have we been able to assist clients in getting their lawsuits tossed, but we have also been able to:

  • Completely eliminate their debt
  • Get their credit back to where it was before the debt built up
  • Successfully retrieved thousands of dollars for damages for our clients

Debt Defense In South Florida

Most consumers that are facing credit card lawsuits are not aware of the fact that there are often cases of fraud, misrepresentation, negligence, and other areas that can help their case. Credit card companies are so used to utilizing the services of law firms all over the United States that process their cases so quickly. This leads to the likelihood of mistakes. In fact, the majority of credit card cases end up moving forward and the individual loses all of their belongings, savings, and more. Since the law firms representing the credit card companies know this, they end up filing inaccurate lawsuits that have the possibility of not following proper legal processes.

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Our proven track record at Loan Lawyers shows that we know what we are doing. Our main priority is to fight for you and your rights as a citizen. With affordable flat rate fees and payment plans, we are on your side. You also will not be responsible for any attorney fees unless we win for you.

Why Should You Choose Loan Lawyers to Help You with Debt Relief?

  • We will look into the possibility of getting your case completely dropped out of court.
  • We have successfully won against credit card lawsuits and debt collection companies
  • We will also explore the possibility of getting you money for damages
  • We are a leading law firm for debt relief in South Florida that provides flat rates that are affordable with the option of a payment plan
  • We take on cases on a contingency, which means that we do not charge for attorney fees unless we win the case

At Loan Lawyers, we also assist with cases regarding student debt relief in South Florida.

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