Coral Gables Debt Lawyers

If you have found yourself facing a massive amount of debt because of situations like credit card debt, medical bills, IRS tax debt, or other unforeseen circumstances, it may be time to seek out the available debt relief options to you.

At Loan Lawyers, we know that every situation is different, and not every solution will fit all financial scenarios. This is why our professional debt relief attorneys thoroughly review all cases in the very beginning of taking on a client. We then go through all of the options available to you and recommend the best course of action based on our expertise.

Custom Debt Solutions

One of the first parts in reviewing a client’s financial picture is to determine just how much in debt they are facing and what their income and other financial priorities look like. We then determine whether or not it is a possibility to file for bankruptcy and if it is, we look into what chapter is the best chapter for you to file under.

However, bankruptcy is not always the most ideal option for everyone. At Loan Lawyers, we may be able to help by:

  • Lowering your monthly payments
  • Extending the timeline to repay your debt
  • Eliminating any penalties or late fees
  • Placing a temporary pause on payments
  • Reducing high interest rates

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It can be truly overwhelming and scary when you are facing a massive amount of debt and are unsure of how to get caught up. Our top priority is to help our clients get out of debt in a timely manner and be able to get a fresh start financially. Contact us and speak with our Coral Gables debt attorneys for more information today.