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It is often difficult for people to determine what steps they should take in order to overcome this debt. In many instances, people find themselves just simply giving in, trying to submit payments where possible, and drowning in even more of a financial burden down the road. In other instances, people will try and “ignore” the debt – which will only make matters worse. And, finally, in some cases, people will try and handle a debt case on their own. This can become quite complicated and stressful for the average individual if they are unsure of what they are doing.

At Loan Lawyers, we provide the opportunity for individuals to get back on their feet financially and eliminate or reduce their large debts. Our experienced Aventura debt attorneys have a combined 90 years of experience in handling debt cases for individuals all over South Florida.

Lender Negotiation

One of the areas in which we specialize is negotiation with creditors and lenders. We know exactly how creditors, banks, and lenders work. We know what it takes to find a way to help you pay off your debt more easily and in a quicker timeframe. Our main goal is to negotiate with your lenders and try to modify your current debt terms so that it is more reasonable for you. Some of the ways in which we have been successful in modifying a payment plan for debt include:

  • Looking into all of the different options before having to file for bankruptcy
  • Avoiding foreclosure or repossession
  • Placing a pause on payments temporarily in order for you to get caught up financially
  • Lowering your current monthly payments
  • Reducing your current interest rates

We also know how frustrating and stressful it can be when you are constantly receiving harassing phone calls and other forms of communication from debt collectors. This is why we help to put a stop to this communication as quickly as possible.

At Loan Lawyers, our Aventura debt lawyers are skilled in helping to eliminate or reduce all types of debt including medical debt, IRS debt, credit card debt, business loan debt, student loan debt – among many other forms of debt.

Speak With Our Aventura Debt Lawyers

Our Aventura debt attorneys are well aware of all of the different laws, regulations, and guidelines involved in debt cases. It is difficult for the average individual to understand all of the different components involved when facing a debt case. This is why it is important to be proactive and consult with an experienced debt attorney in Aventura first. We know how important it is to feel financially stable. We are here to help you beat your debt case and start your path to financial freedom today.

For more information, contact us at 954-523-HELP (4357) today. Our debt attorneys in Aventura are ready to assist you.