Year: 2019

bankruptcy claim

You have made the very difficult decision to file for bankruptcy. You’re looking forward to taking back control of your life and your finances. So, why are you still receiving phone calls and letters from creditors? This is a discouraging situation. Unfortunately, it’s one many find themselves in even after…


It was in late October that a very interesting story came out of Boca Raton. A man, Eric Nathanson, purchased a home at a foreclosure auction a month earlier. When Nathanson was ready to get the home ready for move-in, everyone that showed up at the property was turned away….

short sale

When people enter into a mortgage agreement, they don’t imagine that they’re going to end up in foreclosure. However, since the economic downturn, it’s something more and more homeowners are facing. When they do, they have many options available to them. A very common one is a short sale, which…

past due`

No one ever has a goal of going bankrupt. Many people will do anything they can to delay the process, although in the end, it may be inevitable. On the other hand, sometimes people may file for bankruptcy when there are other options, such as debt consolidation, that could help….

atm machine

Many consumers are familiar with the practice of skimming. This theft crime involves installing a reader device on ATMs so fraudsters can use that information to steal your information and your money. Today, there is a newer form of theft that is called shimming. This works very similarly, except that…