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Michael Citron, Esq.

To say I had the average life, or paved road to becoming a lawyer, would be nothing further from the truth. I have endless gratitude to the one true G-d, and my incredible parents, wife, and children for carrying me through every endeavor and journey which has led me to become a part of the preeminent force in civil litigation defense with the Loan Lawyers family.

Not only was I blessed to have served as a Platoon Leader in the United States Military, but I have also been a part of a Championship Mixed Martial Arts Team, been on the forefront of Israel Advocacy both domestically and abroad, broadened my horizons by living over-seas, started and graduated law school as a single father, raising my two incredible daughters, and most recently, becoming a new husband and new father (again).

The old adage seems to go that challenges make us who we are. It's not just a saying; I've lived it. Depending on the choices we make, we may either rise above these challenges or fall victim to them.

My family went through periods of affluence, and we appreciated the meaning of a dollar, but as I entered my teen years, my family also struggled to get by, and electricity and canned food became a luxury. Throughout all of these experiences however, what was always imparted on me, and perhaps what galvanized my desire to become a lawyer the most, was seeing in practical ways how knowledge is power, and how the knowledge of the law provides you a sword to wield or a shield to defend.

The choice to delve deeper into becoming an exceptional legal practitioner first led me to the Chambers of Judge Spencer Eig. Judge Eig is not only an incredible person, but he is also the indelible professional figure in my life. He is a prime example of what it means to fight for others. Judge Eig imbued me with the fortitude to prevent people who carry neither a sword nor a shield, from becoming a powerless victim. I saw his administration of justice from the bench both in criminal and civil court, and how the rights of people are sacrosanct above all else in the American legal system.

I next found my way to Professors George Knox and Scott Rogers, whose individual passions garner the highest esteem from their colleagues nationally as well as internationally. Not only did these leaders welcome me with open arms, but they formulated a task force for professionalism in the practice of law and then invited me to become a founding member. These great lawyers choose to be true to themselves first, never compromising being true, for being "right."

Whether it was my Federal Clerkship for the Honorable Alan Gold, or my first job as a trial lawyer for one of the foremost trail-blazers in foreclosure defense, all roads led to the ultimate expression of what it means to be the practitioner I have always wanted to be. All roads led to Loan Lawyers.

Never have I seen so many legal scholars, caring individuals, and dedicated warriors under one roof, who manage to use their second-to-none skillsets seamlessly, all the while faithfully maintaining an unshakeable humility and a desire to protect individuals who have no sword to wield, and no shield to defend, of their own. Being a member of the Loan Lawyers family means I must use my vast and various experiences to transform untenable situations for our clients whilst endlessly adhering to the very foundations of the Holy Torah, which G-d has set for me.


  • Undergraduate: University of Florida
  • Law School: FIU College of Law (COL)

Court Admissions

  • Southern District-Federal
  • Florida State Courts
  • The United States Middle District of Florida
  • The 11 Circuit Court of Appeals

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