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How A Foreclosure Defense Attorney May Help You

For homeowners, foreclosure is a dirty word. Some of us may recall the image of a dastardly man with a top hat and handlebar mustache tying a damsel in distress to railroad tracks. Sadly, this image is not too distant from representing the stress and trauma presented by foreclosure of one's home and place to live.

But homeowners are not without allies in their fight to retain their home. A qualified and experienced foreclosure defense attorney may help level the playing field against unscrupulous lenders typically armed with vast legal resources to ensure that the foreclosure process reaches fruition and a borrower loses his or her home.

Lenders do not care about the needs of homeowners and, as a result of this lack of concern, do not want homeowners to enlist legal representation. The banking industry may create a façade that it wants homeowners to continue living in their home, but this is generally untrue. However, a foreclosure defense attorney may provide assistance in many ways to struggling homeowners.   

What may a foreclosure defense attorney do for a homeowner? Quite simply, a foreclosure defense attorney may provide important information that may help avoid foreclosure. A foreclosure defense attorney may provide much-needed options and opportunities to homeowners for preventing foreclosure. Further, a foreclosure defense attorney may represent a homeowner and act on his or her behalf in all communications with a lender and negotiate for more affordable mortgage payments.

A foreclosure defense attorney may help identify and utilize those laws that may protect a homeowner from a lender, even suing an unscrupulous lender if necessary. Perhaps most importantly, a foreclosure defense attorney may ensure that a lender has followed the foreclosure process to the letter of the law.

If a homeowner is served with a foreclosure complaint, he or she has twenty (20) days to file a written response. You must act immediately if this happens! Do not wait! The cost of foreclosure defense with Loan Lawyers is an affordable option, even for the most financially stressed homeowners!

Many homeowners are wasting valuable time and money on loan modification companies that prey upon homeowners with hardships from a pending foreclosure. These companies are usually unregulated and unlicensed while demanding exorbitant fees for typically failing to solve while even worsening the problem at hand.

At Loan Lawyers, our South Florida consumer rights and debt defense attorneys help individuals with financial problems that cause hardship. The experienced South Florida defense attorneys at Loan Lawyers are here to explain and review your potential solutions for reorganizing and repaying debts. To schedule a free consultation at any of our three conveniently located offices, contact Loan Lawyers today by calling (888) FIGHT-13 (344-4813).