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2016 Challenge

I challenge you to accept my New Year Expense Cleanse Challenge. Evaluate all your expenses and try to find ways to decrease your expense amounts. For example, with your cable, if you find yourself barely home to watch TV, maybe you should find a less expensive promotion going on to decrease the amount you pay monthly, since you are barely using the package you currently have.

Typically, people can agree that their mortgage payment or rent is their more expensive bill. If you are a homeowner and you find yourself going through a tough financial time, contact my office about working on a modification. A modification could help decrease your monthly mortgage payments, thereby decreasing your expenses. The majority of the times, after being approved for a modification, you will find that your mortgage payments will could go down, which would allow you to save more money.

The same thing can be done with your student loans. Depending on the Lender and the current plan you have, there are ways that we could assist you to decrease your monthly payment amounts. If you are interested in accepting my challenge and would like our assistance in decreasing your expenses, contact us for your mortgage and student loan needs.

On the corner of mortgages and student loans,

Sonja Lucienne Cajuste, Esq.