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In love with Taxes

St. Valentine’s Day comes around once a year. It is a holiday that many feel carries a heavy burden of proving one’s love for others. It’s a holiday that is filled with romantic expectations of flowers, exotic dinner, lavish gifts of appreciation, and love. Despite the magnified commercialized nature of this holiday, it is a holiday that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon. Sometimes when I think of Valentine’s Day, I take a huge breath and let out a sigh because oddly enough it is a reminder that it is time to file taxes. The purpose of this blog is not to discuss Valentine’s Day and find some clever way of tying this in with advice about foreclosure, but a friendly reminder that if you are interested in working on a modification, you must provide tax returns and thus should file your taxes timely.

In order to be reviewed for a modification, there are a series of financial documents that must be provided to the lender. For example, monthly bank statements are needed, proof of income, property tax bill, proof of property insurance, child support documents, and of course tax returns, which are some of the many documents that are needed. Lenders want a copy of the tax returns that were filed in the last two years. It is important that you seek the professional assistance of your accountant or professional who files your taxes. If you do not file taxes, it is important to get information from Lender on how they would like for you to go about this as different lenders have different requirements.

Just as many dread Valentine’s Day, even more dread filing their taxes, however it is a necessary evil.

On the corner of Cupid and Taxes, Sonja-Lucienne Cajuste