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Debt Collector Pays Up

Any day that a debt collector has to pay for it’s wrongdoing is a good day. Encore Capital Group was prosecuted in New York for violating consumer protection laws. The name Encore Capital Group may not be familiar, but via their subsidiary, Midland Funding, file thousands of debt collection lawsuits in south Florida every year. To settle claims that Midland Funding acted improperly in it’s attempt to collect a debt, it has agreed to pay a large fine and to also vacate 4,500 judgments in New York. The full story is here.

The same sort of practices which Midland used in New York, they use here. Right now our office is suing them for conduct similar to what they did in New York. If you or someone you know has been sued by Midland Funding or another debt collector, contact our office, we may be able to help.