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How much time do I get to stay in my house after a foreclosure is filed in Florida

How much time do I get to stay in my home once a Florida foreclosure has been filed? This is a question that clients ask our foreclosure lawyers all of the time. It's a question that does not have any one right answer and it depends on a number of facts. If you hire an attorney to fight to foreclosure for you, there are many different approaches you can take. You can fight the foreclosure, try a loan modification, file a bankruptcy, sue the bank, or even do a short sale. Depending on what approach you take, you may stay in your house permanently if you find an affordable solution or may stay in your home for years even if you can't find a way to save the home.

In Miami-Dade County, the judges are running through foreclosure trials so fast that it will make you dizzy. In some courts, judges don't seem to pay any attention to what homeowners have to say. For a perfect example of this, read this blog post about a trial where Judge Schwartz recused himself. Miami-Dade County is trying to move cases very fast. Palm Beach County is not far behind. All evidence points to Palm Beach also having a rocket docket to move cases as fast as possible. We hope that homeowners' due process rights will still be protected.

When choosing a lawyer, not just anyone will do. I had a client that hired me last week. They were previously represented by an attorney. This attorney never returned their calls, never made any effort to fight the bank, and did not even tell the clients that their house had already been sold. The first time they learned the house had been sold is when they came into me and I looked it up for them. This is as bad as it gets. I actually signed the clients up for a legal malpractice case against this attorney. We are in the process of trying to vacate the sale based on ineffective assistance of counsel. Beware of attorneys who do not fight for their clients.

You should be aware however, that if you do not fight your foreclosure properly, you may have to leave your house within months. At Loan Lawyers, our rates for foreclosure defense, loan modification, bankruptcy and short sales are affordable. Further, consultations with our foreclosure defense lawyers are always free in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach. Call us today to see how we can start fighting for you.