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For Closure Not Just a Play On Words

A winning case is not always a win anymore. Unfortunately, with the ever changing case law, and the certification of legal questions regarding a previously recognized statute of limitations of foreclosure actions, which is now being degraded [1], people I meet are now seeing they may need to change the ways that they deal with their foreclosure and begin to start to pursue a strategy for closure.

Litigation is a passion and a way of life. At Loan Lawyers, we take a "Nu Pana Rance," (loosely translated to be akin to "No Fear" (Creole)) approach. However, despite our litigation skills being beyond repute, we must and DO, listen to our clients' hopes, needs and desires. Simply put we put our drive aside and fight for what the client really wants. In the end we are defending the Borrowers and their homes from unfair practices. We hold the Banks' "feet to the fire," but we do it with our client's in mind. This is their home, their blood, sweat and tears, and we have a duty to see if perhaps the war that is not fought may have a lasting result for generations to come. Occasionally mere "peace of mind" can be the most expensive commodity, and our legal staff at Loan Lawyers are trained to pursue any avenue that properly fights for you, because you come first at Loan Lawyers, LLC.

[1] In Florida, Murder, and (for the time being) Foreclosure, are two of the only matters which receive a "No Statute of Limitations" treatment.