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Blog Posts in October, 2016

I Won My Case. Should I Be Concerned With a Change in Case Law???

The short answer is no. Although the Plaintiffs, by and through their respective counsel, may declared within their alleged Motions for Rehearing and Reconsideration that based on changes in case law ...
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CFPB and Payday Loans

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau(“CFPB”) is a federal watch dog group responsible for policing financial institutions and protecting consumers from scams and certain abusive ...
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Filing Tax Returns and Bankruptcy

While being current with taxes owed to the Internal Revenue Service is not necessary to file a bankruptcy case, it is necessary to have all of your taxes filed for a variety of reasons addressed ...
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Chapter 11

There are six chapters available for debtors filing bankruptcy: Chapter 7, 9, 11, 12, 13 and 15. While it’s the chapter 11 that receives most of the spotlight – chapter 7 and 13 are the ...
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