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Blog Posts in March, 2015

Foreclosure Luck

Some say luck is when an opportunity comes around and you’ve been prepared for it. Luck is where opportunity meets preparation. But I often wonder how true this belief is when it comes to ...
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Settlement Offer May Violate FDCPA

Settlement offer on a time-barred debt due to statute of limitation – It survives a motion to dismiss according to the Sixth Circuit. In Buchanan v. Northland Group, Inc. , No. 13-2523 (6th Cir. ...
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What Is a Chapter 20 Bankruptcy?

Prior to the legislative changes to the bankruptcy code in 2005, commonly referred as “BAPCPA”, a debtor could file a chapter 7 bankruptcy in order to discharge their unsecured debt then ...
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Equitable Subrogation: Protecting Lien Position in a Foreclosure Action

I found this article following a conversation with some of my clients and felt it had to be posted. Many people misunderstand the concept of an equitably subrogated claim or motions for equitable ...
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