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Blog Posts in 2015

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As the U.S. continues to lick its economic wounds from the recession’s aftermath, millions of consumers are still faced with that ugly 4 letter word nobody wishes to associate themselves ...
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Property Address

Most mortgages in Florida require that the Bank provide the borrower with a very specific type of notice prior to filing a foreclosure action. Depending on the type of mortgage a borrower has, this ...
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Out With The Old - In With The New

As technology advances each year, so do the tactics of telemarketers in their effort to solicit new services and products. Very recently, a movement started whereby companies began advertising through ...
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Sale Date Scramble

One of the most dreadful parts of the foreclosure process is when a homeowner gets a sale date placed on their property. Often times people are served with foreclosure lawsuits in South Florida and ...
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Debt Collectors Not Necessarily Debt Collectors

The Eleventh Circuit recently weighed in on an important debate regarding the definition of a “debt collector” under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), 15 U.SC. 1692, et seq. ...
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Using Usury to Usurp Debt Collectors

A great ruling came down from the northeast recently, directly effecting New York, Connecticut and Vermont, a decision which we hope will make its way down to Florida eventually. The decision will ...
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The Florida courts had previously enacted legislation and changed the very rules of Florida Civil Procedure to mandate an additional requirement prior to a bank filing a foreclosure action. Florida ...
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Budget Chops in Foreclosure

As the summer comes to an end, I sit back and reflect on the most chaotic and challenging summers I have experienced as an Attorney in the Foreclosure World. As of June 2015, the funding for the ...
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Debt Collector Deception and Fake Flowers

I have seen credit card companies and debt-buyers use some pretty unusual tactics before but I just heard about a rather inventive if totally unethical tactic which was being used by a company called ...
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Watch Out : The Dangers of Debt Negotiators

My job is to fight banks, mortgage companies, credit card companies and debt buyers. While we usually get good results for our clients, every person I meet comes to our office because they have some ...
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CFPB Takes an Axe to Green Tree

Last month, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) came down hard on Green Tree Servicing, LLC, for its unfair mortgage servicing practices. Green Tree was alleged to have ...
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CFPB 2015 Summer Highlights

This month, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFBP”) issued its periodic Supervisory Highlights, which provides an overview of the CFPB’s recent observations in the consumer ...
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New Rules to Help Consumers

Some new and exciting rules to aid consumers were proposed by the Federal Communications Commissions this week. I have written about the CFPB, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau a number of ...
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As Summer Begins

Litigation – (Procrastination + Strangulation) ÷ Mediation or Conciliation = Resolution. As summer begins in the rest of the nation Floridians struggle to maintain cool surroundings while ...
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Another Win for the Borrower

Here at Loan Lawyers, we take pride in pouring over every inch of our client’s cases, looking for the best strategy to fight against foreclosure. One of our cases recently went forward with a ...
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Foreclosure Downsize

There has been a significant decrease in foreclosure filings. This is a healthy sign that the economy is picking back up and the general public is in a much better financial situation in comparison to ...
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Turning The Cases Upon Their Head

Just about a month ago the Third District Court of Appeal came out with an opinion that stood for the premise that where a Bank failed to respond to Requests for Admission propounded by a Defendant, ...
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Loan Lawyers Wins Case Against JP Morgan Chase

Congratulations to Matthew Bavaro and Laura Hoy for winning a foreclosure appeal from the Fourth District Court of Appeals today. This was a foreclosure case filed by JP Morgan Chase Bank. The ...
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Attorney Matthew Bavaro Once Again Honored by Florida Trend's Legal Elite List

Loan Lawyers is very pleased to announce that founding attorney Matthew Bavaro has once again been selected for Florida Trend 's Legal Elite honor. The notice recognizes Florida attorneys who ...
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My Mother Passed Leaving Me a House in Arrears

Question: Michael, My mom signed the note and mortgage with ABC Bank, and then she passed away leaving me the house, with a mortgage in arrears. I recently was served on behalf of my mother at the ...
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When The Bank Loses Your Note

The Promissory Note is one of the most critical documents needed to effectuate a foreclosure action. If defines the terms of the agreement between you and the Bank, as well as outlining specific ...
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Verizon Could Use a Lifeline

May 13, 2015 Yesterday, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) filed suit against Verizon Wireless in the Southern District of New Jersey, in line with a previous suit filed ...
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Why You Might Get Paid For Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Nothing in this blog should be taken to suggest that you should file bankruptcy with the intention of getting paid. That would be silly and I want to be clear on that, do not file a bankruptcy with ...
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Garnishment Mistakes

I have written more than once about how vital it is that if a consumer is sued by a debt collector, they take certain actions immediately. The earlier a consumer fights back, the better the odds are ...
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Cool Heads Prevail

A client who recently discovered a 5 year old judgment against, followed by a loss of his investment property was grateful beyond words to see the Blessings of G-D, reveal themselves in a court room. ...
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